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I Got My [ft. Jin]

by Magnetic North & Taiyo Na

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This is the music video edition of "I Got My" which happens to be the first song that Magnetic North & Taiyo Na collaborated on, way back in 2008. In 2011, Jin joined in on the fun and on May 17th, 2011, MNTN released an epic music video for this track: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFxgYZdHlno

In celebration of APIA Heritage Month, Magnetic North & Taiyo Na wanted to make this video a dedication to all the amazing people in our community. MNTN reached out to entertainers, activists, teachers, students, actors, designers, dancers, writers, poets, bloggers, community organizers... anyone and everyone who gives the community strength, depth, beauty.


i got my crew now i got my juice now
i got my i got my i got my true style
i got my roots proud i got the youth loud
you got to you got to you got to move now

i got my vocals i got my profile
i got my i got my i got my soul found
i got this whole crowd i got this whole town
i got the i got the i got the globe now

ready set go i got very fine company
odds stacked high but i do it cuz i love it b
the wall is like a hundred feet everywhere in front of me
but bruce bubble under me and fam got me covered see
small budget big spirit part bite all fight
what i got is hard drive and a loaded hard drive
huh tell my girl it's gonna be all right
i do what i love how i live got a hard line

right cuz there was a time when i was timid and shy
i needed bigger cojones mine would always shrivel and hide
i never pushed my limit up high i never reached and touched the sky
until this music lit me and set me on fire like lisa left-eye
and now i'm alive and kickin' it got fans stacked thick like pyramids
went from the shower to singing on broadcasts tv and internet
this jam is the definitive anthem to get jiggy wit'
but not just with you butt and your feet get low with your soul and spirit you dig


i don't got no gangstas no background dancers
no house in the hamptons or fancy finances
i just got a stance and my eyes in a slant
so a record advance i got a chinaman's chance
and i don't got a grand to pay for a sample
i just got derek kan here to play the piano
and taiyo na on the electric guitar
see me i don't do shit but got the je ne sais quois

i got my life like an open road play the part when i know my role
do my art to express my soul and break down and then open doors
hope is what i got like obama up in iowa
put me in a corner i'm fired up look me in the eyes to size me up
pop for a new land new day new stance
new talk new dance i got it like toussaint
temudjin with the mic i'm improving every fight
so you boom it and you boom it and you boom it all night


- JIN -
i got a lot to say which means
i could probably spit a million bars but I'll settle for a sixteen
switch schemes undetected not one for talking trash
but if the market crashed tomorrow business is unaffected
i love hip hop got no reason to tell a lie
need evidence i got more than a season of csi
for the culture i got nothing but respect
couple career setbacks got my ego in check
check my bank account true i might not have more than you
but what i do got is excessive testicular fortitude
much love to all supporters attracted to the magnetic
north south east west and all four corners
i could easily spit that blah blah blah
on second thought i couldn't do that to taiyo na
i keeps it positive that's how i'm choosing to live
so it don't matter what i got it's all about what i give

don't got an slk
don't got an escalade
i walk ride the bus or catch the local metro train
don't got a gold necklace
don't got expensive tastes
pork chops ramen and rice and i'm good i'm set for days
don't got the pop appeal
don't got the party thrills
what i got you ignorant idiots is i got a lot of skill
don't got a part of me
that's not part emcee
cuz hip hop runs through my blood heart lungs and arteries

my entire life i've been required to perspire fight
pariah to messiah my eyes upon that higher life
liars light a fire i'm thankful they inspire spite
cuz they provide the spark man and i provide the dynamite
so take a deep breath
its time to de-stress
its like the internet you got to refresh
plus i got respect for what you got til its gone
so i got a new purpose man i got a new song


released May 25, 2011
[J. Au-Yeung, D. Kan, T. Na, T. Vu]
Composed, Arranged, and Produced by Derek Kan & Taiyo Na
Engineered and Mixed by Derek Kan
Mastered by Derek Kan
DJ Boo: cuts, scratches
Derek Kan: rap vocal, keys
Taiyo Na: rap vocal, guitar
Theresa Vu: rap vocal
Jin: rap vocal

DJ Boo
Geologic, Sabzi [Blue Scholars]
Xin [EMC Monkeys]
Travis Wong [The LXD]
Adriel Luis [iLL-Literacy]
Denizen Kane, Jason Mateo
Robby Huang
Erin & Arielle Turullols
Christopher Chao
Conchita Campos
Aivy Nguyen
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Jen Kwok
Dennis Chin, Ryan Takemiya [RAMA]
Christina Chung
Prohgress, Kev Nish, J-Splif [Far East Movement]
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Thomas Tran, Pete Nguyen, Nam Tran, Billy Vu Lam, Laine Baker [Thomas' Apartment]
Terry Park, Samuel Lee, Irene Katehis, Seulgi Hong, Eimeeh Escoto, Pemba Sherpa [ASIAN340]
Carol Yip
Naman Rawal, Harajuku Friends
Lisa Lee [Hyphen Magazine], Jeff Chou, Chris Dong, Jonathan Yu, Chia-Chi Li, Diana Halog
Peggy Phan
Sahra Vang Nguyen
TL Truong [Blueprint Cru]
Beau Sia
James Ha
Vienna Teng
Bao Phi
Jennii Le
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DANakaDAN [afterschoolspecial]
El Gambina [Organic Thoughts]
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Charlie Chin
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Christina & Katherine Seid [Chinatown Ice Cream Factory]
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UCLA Superstars
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Dan Diggity
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Davidian Shaw
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Justin Schell
Bowery Poetry Club


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